Monday, November 3, 2014

Coming Soon: Church Revitalization through Children and Student Ministry Series

Coming Soon is a new blog series for me on church revitalization. A lot has been said about this topic in recent years, especially with the church planting movement taking place in much of evangelical denominations. However, much of this discussion has been amongst pastors and denominational leaders, but what do student ministers have to say about this? I am convinced that revitalization is long term work that results in long term success. This implies that the church most not be focused solely on adult ministry. There must be great consideration towards student and children's ministry.

Ask yourself this question: Where do you want the church to be in 10-20 years? If you ask the senior adults, they will be gone most likely. If you ask the median adults, they will be senior adults at that point in life. Conversely, if you ask the young adults, college age, student ministry, and children's ministry, they will be the deacons, elders, small group teachers, and other lay leaders of the church. If the church really wants to make the turn to revitalization, then a strategic focus on children's ministry and student ministry is a necessity.

My proposal is to expand on the thoughts of Thom Rainer in his recent post to Christian Post 9 Questions You Should Ask Before Leading a Church Revitalization. Each of the 9 comments will be examined from the perspective of a student minister (me), and how they relate to the entire local body. I will reorganize the comments a little by priority, meaning I believe there is a process to be adhered. First we will examine the topics that reflect personally to the student minister in addition to the rest of the staff. Second we will discuss topics of spiritual discipleship. Third we will discuss outreach, evangelism, and missions topics. Finally, I will be asking various leaders in to comment on these topics. Hopefully, someone will take interest.... Please be in prayer if you are a reader.

I do not profess to be an authority on any of these topics, but as a graduate student I at least know proper logic, argumentation, and research methods. So, as I learn, I share what I've learned. Thanks for everyone who reads this blog.
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