Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Too Many Deborah's in the Church

I learned a long time ago from C.S. Lewis that "moderation in all things" is a good philosophy for life. However, something I have noticed in my church and others similar is the heightened role of women in the church. Now, please here me out. I am not accusing women of anything, nor am I a misogynist. I believe that women have a vital role in the church, but I do believe that men have a vital role too.

As a student minister, I have noticed an abundance of women who are eager to work and serve in the church. This is a good thing. I wish that there would be an abundance of workers in my minister no matter gender, ethnicity, or socio-economics. An abundance of servants is such a great problem to have. However, I see a disparity in the level of commitment from the men in the churches.

I have come to see some effects of this disparity in the church. Let me explain:

  1. A lot of women volunteers in student ministry = a lot of teenage girls
  2. A low amount of men volunteers in student ministry = a low number of teenage boys
Like I said, I think this may be a cause and effect relationship. So, how can you the average church going dude change this? I would like to share some suggestions for men.

1. Find a ministry that is low of men servants and consider joining
2. Look for young men who need a mentor, and build a relationship.
3. Ask your church ministers how you can serve?
4. Pray for new opportunities to serve in the community, like little league soccer.
5. Up your game in whatever areas you are already serving.
6. Bring your Christians buds to church and help them get involved.
7. Try a new ministry that seems really challenging to you. God may grow you through adversity.

To the women, I say keep up the good fight. You are the life blood of many churches right now. If you can get your husbands into the church and get them active. A working man takes pride in what he does. It's not that I want women to feel bad about their role in the church. I want them to be excited about what could be their man's role in the church. Share the faith.

Judges 4:9 "She said, “I will surely go with you; nevertheless, the honor shall not be yours on the journey that you are about to take, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hands of a woman.” 
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