Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cultivating Motivated Spirits for Students

Generally, I wrote my own stuff and do research, but this week I stumbled across Tim Elmore's article for The Best Two Questions to Ask as We Develop Students. His article is so good I just had to share it with everyone. I think I will start doing this more and more from various authors.

Anyways, I want to give you a quick overview:

First, Elmore defines the problem with Students being lackadaisical in applying themselves. He argued the idea of gyms. In older times our grandparents all worked on farms or factories. There were hardly any gyms in those days because physical activity was a part of daily life. I know for me when I worked  as a residential carpenter I was in great shape, but when i started into a desk job, my weight increased....substantially! Anyways, gyms began to gain popularity as our culture changed from active to sedentary because of technological advances.

Now, for students this is applying to how they learn because of their access to technology non-stop. They don't have to apply themselves because Siri can answer all their questions for them.

Elmore uses an acronym "SCENE" to show how how these principles are affecting teens:

Each convenience term in the acronym scene represents an assumption that leads to an un-applied student.

Elmore asked that we as adults find ways to help students overcome these problematic assumptions. We need to offer them challenges that will stretch and expand their capabilities. 

I would really encourage you to read his article. I thought it was excellent.

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